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Wednesday , June , 20 2018
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Totally Catholic Crucifix Fundraisers


Totally Catholic CRUCIFIX Fundraiser FAQ's

What Do We Send?

We send you samples of each of the crosses & crucifixes in our fundraiser; one of each (about 25-30 different pieces).  We also email order forms and a brochure to you for ordering.  We will also supply your parish with an Online Code for ordering.  With this option parishioners can shop from the convenience of their home and still support your fundraiser.  It is also very helpful for relatives that would like to help but do not live in town.  We will direct ship for online orders.

What Are The Prices?

The crosses & crucifixes have a wide range in pricing from $10 - $108.  There is truly something for everyone with these unique and beautifully hand-crafted sacramentals.

When And How Do The Items Arrive?

Your fundraising box with the samples to use for the fundraiser will arrive by Priority Mail a few days before your first weekend of sales. We pay shipping to get it there – you pay to send back any items that do not sell.  We suggest that you fill orders with samples that you have to save on return shipping costs (be sure not to add those items into the total on your tally sheet when placing your parish order).

How Much Money Will You Make?

You make 50% on everything you sell. Naturally, sales vary from parish to parish based on number of families, how close the nearest Catholic store is, and so forth. We send more than we think you’ll sell based on your demographics. It’s possible to make up to $2000 profit on one fundraising box.  Some of our larger parishes have actually profited over $3,000!

How Much Space Will You Need?

The items would best be shown on two 8-foot long tables.  This will give parishioners room to see the items as well.  If you try to put them all close together and save room, you have less opportunity for potential profit.

What About Promoting the Totally Catholic Jewelry/Rosary Fundraiser?

We’ll e-mail a bulletin insert and a color picture poster for you to print, copy and use for promotion.  We suggest also including the upcoming fundraiser in weekly Mass announcements for a couple of weekends prior to your fundraiser start date.  Posters made by the youth group are ALWAYS great for advertising what the fund will be used for!  If your parish communicates online, please use social media to share the information with them as well!

How Long Do You Keep The Fundraiser?

Two or three weekends is sufficient.

What’s Next?

Call us for more details or to book dates: 1-208-344-2425